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Gardening in all seasons
In the garden there is a lot to do throughout the year. Here you can find out what garden work needs to be done in which month. Then nothing will be forgotten and so nothing will stand in the way of a well-kept garden

The most important in a nutshell

  • If you sow already in March/April, you can harvest the first vegetables already in May
  • Weeds are removed throughout the year
  • In summer, watering is especially important and the lawn needs to be mowed more often.
  • In autumn, the compost heap is turned, leaves are collected and trees planted

Gardening through the year

We provide detailed guidance on when certain gardening tasks should be done throughout the year. Don’t be too slavish about implementing them, however, because the actual weather conditions where you live have the greatest influence on when certain activities can be done – or when it’s better to wait to do them. Planting too early, for example, is not a good idea if it is still frosty outside and your plants have no chance of survival – even if the calendar shows the first day of spring. Let yourself be guided by the weather conditions at your location and see this garden calendar only as a suggestion, then you have the best chances of success.


Gardening in spring

In spring, the days are getting longer again, temperatures are rising and the garden is coming to life: The trees show new leaves and shoots, and bulbs hidden in the ground bring forth a vibrant array of colors after the gray winter. Gardeners have a lot to do now, as seeds need to be sown and planted, pruned and fertilized. But be careful: don’t be fooled by an early onset of spring, because Father Frost can make a comeback after all during these changeable months. Even if the weather seems friendly enough for planting, it’s best to continue paying attention to the forecast – a sudden late frost can kill young plants in one fell swoop.


Gardening in the summer

As temperatures rise, water conservation and the necessary watering of all plants becomes the gardener’s primary concern. Consider how your plants will survive your upcoming vacation, if any. To do this, place potted plants in the shade, for example, and arrange for mutual vacation gardening with a gardening friend if possible.


Gardening in autumn

Even as the days grow shorter and the plants in the garden begin to diminish, autumn is in many ways a beginning, not an end, to the gardening year. Planting bulbs, roses and woody plants is a forward-looking job at a time when most gardening activities revolve around cleaning and removing dead or rotting plants.


Gardening in winter

Protection is the main concern of the gardener in winter. Frost, snowfall, storms and hail pose a threat to plants in the garden. Make sure they are adequately protected. Also, use this time to plan for next year.

Now is the time to plan and prepare for the coming gardening year.


Frequently asked questions

I suffer from back pain, which makes it difficult for me to work in the garden bed. How can I make gardening easier for myself?

In this case, a raised bed (or several) at a suitable height is probably the best solution.

Are there easier ways to remove root weeds from beds?

Root weeds can be easily removed with a weeding trowel, even without bending over.

How can I keep weeds from growing so I don’t have to weed?

You will probably not be able to completely banish weeds from the garden, but a weed fleece spread on the bed helps very well. In addition, weeds rarely grow on mulched beds.

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